Making My Library Friendly for Animal Books, part 2

Of course, this series of posts should really be called “Making the Animal Section Useful”!  My students are wondering if this is a lesson in how you have to “tear up” the library to put it back together in a new way. (yes)


Books everywhere during the move!

Pulling the animal shelving range out meant switching two shelving ranges, re-shelving the whole nonfiction section (Pollyanna Librarian – yay, a weeding opportunity!) and going home aching each day.


Getting ready to shift all the books.

4th and 5th grade helpers were a huge help. This is the time of year when my adult volunteers start to dry up, so it was great to have students pitch in. Books got new labels, clear label covers and then colored indicator label covers.


Habitat books waiting for green label covers. My collection is so small that it’s easy to spot and pull the habitats you need.

I did have a few moments of doubt about a few species. I put hippos in land animals even though my childhood safety lessons from Kenya included “Stay away from the vicious river-dwellers!”. The final arrangement will turn my whole animal section into a barely-classified browsing section, but that’s what I want.


Another example of a book about more than one animal. The + is the symbol for >1 species.


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