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Ideas (help yourself to them): Alphabet Poster

Alphabet poster, student-made, using objects or pictures of the objects for each letter. This idea inspired by Paul Thurlby’s illustrations.

  • A is for alphabet (A is made up of letters)
  • B is for books (B is made up of drawings or photos of books)
  • C is for call number (C made up of Dewey numbers) and caption would include *Call numbers = book’s locating code
  • D is for downloads (arrows making up D) and caption could say “Be sure you know where your downloads are saved.” And yes, D could be for Dewey : )
  • E is for Everybody books (library code for Picture books, because PB stands for paperback)
  • F is for friendly librarians (pictures of me and my colleagues
  • G is for Google (we could do some Google doodles)

I think I’d like these letters to be big and not permanent, since part of my plan is to keep the displays changing in the library. I know I’ll be the only one who will miss the huge gorgeous Jack Cacciatore photo of fall trees over the road to Ashlawn,  Monroe’s house. I’ll take it home and keep it up there until fall. ($40 instead of $950 – thank you, Habitat store!)

If you’d like to read (and look at) a related, but strictly 2-dimensional method, see Words & Eggs blog on the topic of figural cameos.

Here's where I got the idea.