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White Christmas! Some fun sites about snow and ice

It’s snowing and my daughter got her White Christmas wish. Unlike last year (fondly referred to as Snowpocalypse – OK not so fondly) this snow is light, fluffy and looks like it won’t throttle our modern resources.

We had 2 snow days instead of two last days before the holiday.  Here are some snow and winter sites I will share with colleagues when I get back. Note – there are plenty of winter holiday sites that my teachers already know, so these sites focus on the weather and science side and most are for upper elementary and secondary.

Animated Tour of the Cryosphere from NASA – a 5 minute movie with tons of info and connections to other science topics.

Atlas of the Cryosphere – both hemispheres

Cold Links NSIDC digital library, searchable by grade level.

The Cryosphere from the National Snow and Ice DAta Center

Ice Stories from the Exploratorium –  dispatches on climate change, and polar science.

NOAA’s Arctic theme page. A portal for images, webcams and videos, including those from Youtube.

Scholastic’s Winter Storm timeline

Student site on how ice cores yield info about the Earth’s past, from ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program from the Dept of Energy)

and in general, great sites for finding top-quality info::

Internet Scout Project Archives


Wisconsin’s ECB Surf Report